Monday, April 20, 2009

Cambridge Short Interlude

A short trip to Boston for an interview at Harvard. I was excited both to get an interview at the most prestigious school in the world and also to finally get to see a bit Cambridge. Last time in Boston I did not have time to cross the river but now I decided to go around a bit.
It was pretty nice to walk to small yet picturesque streets of Cambridge. However, the freezing weather (33 F) was working steadily against my rather light business attire, so I had to get inside after half and hour of strolling. The interview went very well, and I think I can bring a lot of the requirements to this position and much more beyond. And yes, the opportunities ahead look so exciting. However, throughout my time in Boston I felt great, energized by the city's vibe; lots of young people and very colorful characters. While still a New-York lover, Manhattan fan, Boston always made a good impression on me. Although the subway, called the T, can definitely sustain some improvements (green line was terrible slow and all lines are extremely crowded). But, those are just minor complaints. I look forward to coming back here for good.:)

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