Friday, May 08, 2009

PDF Repair Tools

Today I was again scanning some tables of data and some pictures from a book on the international rubber industry. The cool thing about it is that the scanner sends it automatically to your email or a specified folder. The bad thing about it is that this time it didn't came through. I has 110 MB of scans (only 2 X 30 pages) in two batches (first came out wrong). Thank God I was forwarding all my emails to Gmail, otherwise my RPI account would have been flooded (or not? - i don't know the limit nowadays). Anyways, all well...but when to open the files, errors on top of errors. Again, very lucky that wasn't anything essential; just some add-on facts to my paper (best case). However, I was a bit pissed off, thus attempted to recover whatever is to recover. Not a lot of free software out there.. and the results are far from perfect. Try pdf tools online (here) if you don't mind a bit of watermark (i didn't!) or some of the shareware programs on the web. I give the pdf online tool a big thumbs up: fast upload, good recognition and easy interface; plus no installation is necessary. Cheers.

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