Monday, January 26, 2009

Let Code Together..

..right now..ohh a Sweet Harmony. WHO was around in 1993-1994 might still remember this song of The a video that was clevearly catching your eyes with some possible nudity of a dozen models while blurring their private parts with some creative ..techniques.:))
While this has started as an introductory digression, I do not wish to digress further into the world of incidental , so I will get right to the point. I have now for several weeks start to code my latest dataset and along to my future planed additions this will make (hopefully) a great and flexible tool for various research questions at the plant, firm and country level. Heck, I might throw in some of that multi-level analysis, if possible. And although now the hope are high and the anxiety building on future possible ramifications of this project, the coding is a haunting task. Although it seems faster than anticipated, and with less stress associated, due to other external reasons, still staying still for hours and checking and double checking everything, matching names et al. is not as fun as it looks.

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