Monday, October 27, 2008

BeerEconomics - Mixing Business with Pleasure?

LICOS Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance is organizing the first ever Beeronomics Conference from the 27th to 29th May 2009 in Leuven, Belgium.

The first Beeronomics Conference is meant to provide a forum to exchange ideas and high-quality economic research related to the economics of beer, brewing and related activities. It covers a wide array of topics, including, but not limited to: production, trade, industrial organization, economic history, law and economics, marketing, consumption, policy and regulation, macroeconomics, etc.

As the country of beers, we thought that Belgium would be the appropriate place for this conference, and as the city hosting the famous “Old Market” (well known among beer lovers), the headquarters of InBev (the world’s largest brewing holding), and a prestigious university (the Catholic University of Leuven), Leuven would be the perfect town.

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